Randy Winter-Auburn, WA

With a dentist in every town, and within short driving distance, why would I choose to drive more than 40 miles and an hour plus of time one way for more than 5 years, and have followed around the area the same dentist for more than 10 years?

  1. Gentle and compassionate care
  2. Concern over even the smallest of details
  3. Even more celebration over my new smile than I myself do
  4. Personal care and concern beyond just being my dentist
  5. Willing to deal with the needs and work beyond finances
  6. Staff that go above and beyond as well to make you feel appreciated, cared about, and important each and every visit
  7. All of the above and more!

There are professionals and their support team, and then there is Dr. Kelley and her staff that have become more than my dental provider, but part of my family…or I should say have made me part of theirs! I cannot, no, will not switch! (oh forgot to mention how having been treated by former military dentists I was petrified of seeing a dentist before Dr. Kelley 20 years later

Feel Free to call for personal recommendation 206-949-6284.

Delores-Woodinville, WA

Dr Kelley's practice is professional, friendly and caring. I recommend Kingsgate Dental to friends and family. We have been going there for many years and the staff provides top care.

Kim-Kirkland, WA

Life Changing! The dentist has never been my favorite place. Amazingly I look forward to my appointments with Dr Kelley and her team of specialists. I needed a lot of different types of work done on my teeth from fillings to an implant. Dr Kelley and her team are professional, the best at what they do and treat you like family they really care. Dr Kelley worked with me on a plan to fix my teeth and now I have an amazing smile!!!! Thank you so much Dr Kelley.


Dr Kelley took care of my 'one in a million' bucked teeth in 2 office visits. It was a challenging project but the new ones blend right in with the old ones and do not look fake. No pain and no drama, with a little bit of humor sprinkled in, dare I say visiting the dentist was a pleasant experience?

Laurie Jones

My Best Dental Experience and Worth the 20 Mile Drive

I moved to Seattle ten years ago and during my first four years worked with a different dentist each year. While the dentists were perfectly adequate, they weren't the fit I was looking for. One day, out of frustration, I drove to a health food store and grabbed the Natural Choice Directory from the display rack. The first advertisement I saw was for Kingsgate Dental on the back cover. It couldn't be this easy to find a new dentist, could it? I took this as a sign and scheduled an appointment. Now this was a twenty mile commute from Seattle to Kirkland, but I was willing to search for a holistic dentist until I found the best match. I was warmly greeted on my first visit by the front desk staff, dental hygienists and Dr. Kelley. They made several accommodations for my sensitivities. While the music, blankets and neck pillows are nice touches, I was most impressed with Dr. Kelley.

Dr. Kelley accurately diagnosed several of my issues and offered solutions. Her personable style is like chatting with an old friend over tea. Over the last six years we've worked on upgrading my night guard, replacing crowns and general teeth cleanings. I appreciate her gentle nature and her awareness of my specific needs. I'm sure I must pass hundreds of dental offices each time I travel to Kingsgate Dental, many within walking distance from my home. As I tell Dr. Kelley after each visit, it's worth the drive.

Deborah Marzano

Kingsgate Dental has been providing dental services for my family and myself for the last twenty years. They are not only convenient in terms of location to my home, but also very professional and thorough. I have never had an issue not resolved quickly and indeed, have rarely had an issue of any sort (and that was an insurance issue, not a dentist issue). Personnel here are like family to one another and to their patients. Patients come first and foremost. In particular, Tammy Evans was instrumental in being so thorough as to become the very first to notice my husband had a small lump on his lymph gland (almost unnoticeable). It turned out to be cancer and were it not for her, my husband would not be alive today. Mary Ann is the life blood of the practice, she is the most efficient and knowledgeable person, not only in billing, but in dental procedures and practices as well. Everyone else is just as awesome. There is no better dental practice in this State and my family and I are forever grateful that we have received such excellence in care here.

Sharon Saw, Kirkland

We have been looking for a family dentist since we relocated to Seattle, Kirkland. We are so pleased to have found Kingsgate Dental. Dr. Kelley is a wonderful dentist for me and my whole family. Dr. Kelley and her staff are extremely professional, friendly and competent. They put both my boys at ease (I have a 6 year old and a 9 year old). My entire family loves to go to the dentist now, which is quite rare. I am thrilled, we are happy to come home with our teeth professionally cleaned. My gums are healthier with regular maintenance. My boys learnt how to floss and brush regularly. They look forward to the toys after each visit. I highly recommend Kingsgate Dental if you are looking for a dental practice for you and your family.

Stefan Grunkemeier, Woodinville, WA

For years I had trouble with an area in my back molars that no dentist was able to successfully fix. Dr. Kelley handled this issue with a laid back attitude and expert dental skills. The staff at Kingsgate Dental are always polite, accommodating and helpful, not to mention they all seem happy while working. And, it's good to have happy people working on you when you're mouth is stretched open having pieces drilled out, glued in, and patched up. I always leave this practice with a nice feeling in my mouth and in my gut. A feeling that tells me honest people that care about my health (and my family's health) just helped me. Thank you Kingsgate Dental for the many years we've shared, and all the years to come.